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When it comes to localising content, we know that this is often the last thing that people think of, when really it should be the first. We also know that sourcing translation is often an additional task that marketing managers, technical authors and the like are expected to do on top of their ever-growing pile of responsibilities. That’s why at Ultimate Languages, we work with our clients to devise tailored localisation solutions that make everyone’s lives easier through our combined approach of research, consultation and automation.

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Quality runs through the core of Ultimate Languages; from our translations to our customer service. We source the best of the best for both our project management and freelance teams. As active members in the industry we’re always on the look out for new talent, especially individuals making their mark on the language service sector. Supporting our teams through continuing professional development, whilst implementing improvement plans that aim for Total Quality Management, you can trust the Ultimate Languages team with every one of your multilingual projects.

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As a world leader in the development and manufacture of high-quality pumps, valves and hoses that are used in over 12 different industries across every continent, it was incredibly important for us to find a language service partner who could deliver exceptional technical and marketing translations. Ultimate Languages are our main supplier of translation, whilst also project managing our other in-country suppliers on our behalf. They also liaise directly with our global marketing managers to review our multilingual content meaning that we can focus on our own tasks whilst Ultimate handles everything else. We would highly recommend their services to others who also work in specialist manufacturing.

Manufacturing, Group Marketing Manager

Due to the sheer volume of localisation needed in our organisation, we set out to establish a multi-vendor strategy as we had been relying on only one translation supplier for many years. It was important for us to identify language service providers who could add a fresh perspective on our strategy, whilst delivering high-quality content through translation, transcreation and copywriting. Ultimate Languages have well and truly surpassed our expectations through their consultative approach to localisation. They are never fazed by our requirements and are the most hardworking and humble company we have worked with on translation. Their knowledge of the travel and leisure industry is astounding, and I would definitely recommend them to others in our sector.

Travel, tourism and hospitality, Senior Director, Digital Content Management and Operations

When looking for a translation partner we wanted to work with someone who was able to handle extremely specialised content across a variety of different mediums, as well as being local to our area. When we heard about Ultimate Languages’ reputation for technical translation we immediately reached out. Since we started working with Ultimate we have expanded our reach across the globe and know that no matter what the language we will always receive multilingual content of the highest standard. Ultimate also provides us with localisation engineering support for our more complex projects and have also advised us on best practice approaches to help our technical authors to always create content with translation in mind. We could not recommend them enough.

Mechanical engineering, Senior Engineer (ESE) and Project Manager

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