Maintaining open channels of global customer support through hard times

When communicating in a crisis, like COVID-19 you should look to follow these approaches for global customer support to help cover all bases for your business and your international clients:

Update your internal teams with your key messaging

The first place to start is to get your internal teams aligned and up-to-date with your company’s party line and messaging. Consistency from all team members on this messaging is key for making your national and global customer support a success.

Communicate this clearly to your global customers

The next step is to draft up some client-friendly communications – to be sent out in an email or letter – that explains to your customers your company’s stance and how this might affect them. Keep this formal and useful, your clients will appreciate clarity and honesty in this challenging time.

Offer a variety of global support and customer service options

When you update your customers with your company’s position on the crisis, you’ll likely see a sharp influx of questions and queries. This means you need to offer effective crisis customer services – even if you’re now working remotely.

So make sure you’re able to respond to everything, whether it’s phone calls, social media, postal enquiries or chatbots. Do not leave your customers in the dark.

Ensure nothing is lost in translation

A hugely important part of your global customer support is to communicate concisely in the relevant language of the international audience you’re addressing. If not, you risk alienating them or potentially misinforming them.

This is where we could support your business as our translation expertise can help prevent such a situation. So get in touch if you’d like to know more and find out how we can help with your global customer support.