User-Generated Content to keep the lifeblood of your organisation happy

To help maintain customer loyalty throughout the coronavirus crisis, one of the best approaches you can take is to monitor and review user-generated content (UGC). This includes things like:

  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Social media posts
  • Videos created by fans or customers
  • Personal websites and blogs
  • Images taken for Instagram or other forms of social media

By monitoring this content, you’ll be able to see exactly what your customers are saying about you, your business and your response to the crisis. By analysing this data, you’ll be able to guide your strategy for the future.

Global User-Generated Content and Customer Loyalty

Remember, as a marketer, it’s your job to know both who your customers are and what they think. So, take the time to learn about how Covid-19 is affecting your customers and discover what kind of resolution they expect from you. Then, you can use your user-generated content to establish a remedy for their problems immediately. You can use what you are learning from different markets to provide a global response.

It’s important that you never let a brand crisis fester. So, if you’re faced with a backlash following your response to the coronavirus, think about whether you require reputation management. You could try connecting with customers directly to solve their problems, or flood the internet with positive comments.

No matter which reputation management strategy you choose, you have to be proactive in solving the problems of your customers. This way, you stand the best chance of building trust, encouraging loyalty and emerging from the crisis unscathed.

Importantly, you should never make a promise that you can’t keep. The best way to build loyalty and trust is to be open and honest with your customers. By communicating swiftly, openly and honestly, you’ll have no problem building trust and customer loyalty, all while keeping the lifeblood of your business happy.

We also encourage you to contribute to the discussion. So, if you have any thoughts on maintaining customer loyalty and trust during the coronavirus pandemic, please let us know in the comments below and tag us on social media.

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