How to implement global crisis management in a changed world

At the present time, you may feel like the Covid-19 crisis may never end. However, with strength and positivity, we will get through this. But, once we emerge from the other side and return to normal, it’s likely our businesses will operate in a different world. As a result, we need to start learning for the future now.

You and all of your staff members need to be prepared to live and work in a changing world. As a result, now is the perfect time for you to review your current operations and prepare a plan for a future crisis. So, assess:

  • Your knowledge base documentation – How can you improve any documents that your customers or staff may need in a crisis?
  • Your contact points – Make sure it’s easy to navigate your website and feature your ‘contact us’ page and social media profiles prominently
  • Your contextual information – Analyse how you can help your customer services staff identify customers who may require special handling. How can you make sure you provide them with all the documentation they need to reply to customer queries accurately and promptly?

In order to be stronger than ever before, you also need to conduct a post mortem of your operations during Covid-19 and prepare a plan in case a similar crisis occurs again. This will help you highlight your strengths and ensure you don’t repeat your mistakes. So, think:

  • What did you do well?
  • What resources really helped you and your team?
  • Which responses were well received by your customers, and which weren’t?
  • What didn’t you do as well?
  • Which tools could help you and your team in the future?
  • What information needs updating so you can help more people more quickly?

By putting a global crisis management plan in place, prioritising the countries and languages you need to deploy the plan in multiple places, you can make sure your business is as prepared as possible if another crisis comes around.

If you need help localising your crisis management strategy, or require any help translating your documents, your client communications, website and social networks interactions so they can be used by your worldwide customer services teams, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.