About Yolanda Suárez

After finishing her studies in translation and interpreting, and her master´s degree on website and software localisation, in the North of Spain, Yolanda moved to the UK to start her career as a translation project manager. Always striving to learn more, Yolanda is so passionate about the localisation industry she has even undertaken a PhD to continue acquiring knowledge and developing important transferable skills. Always thinking ahead in every project, Yolanda is a great team player and has built a strong rapport with her clients, colleagues and translators. When it comes to handling a project, she is very proactive, highly organised and always looks after the client to deliver consistent quality work.

Connectors: streamlining translation processes

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We are now living in a world of continuous delivery which means that global organisations need to be able to deliver, create, and localise content quicker than ever. This is incredibly important for website updates, which is where translation connectors come in. This introductory guide will explain what connectors are and how they can streamline your localisation process and make things much more efficient.