Alchemy Compliance: An SDS Translations Case Study

In this case study we’ve explained how the Ultimate Languages team helped one of our chemical sector clients – Alchemy Compliance – overcome their technical translation challenges, with our SDS translation services.


Alchemy Compliance – a consultancy firm which provides advice in core regulatory areas of chemical supply legislation and safety assessment for chemical products

– needed their English Safety Data Sheet translating into eight European languages. As a partner with over 30 years’ experience in the chemical sector, we helped our client to communicate fluently in these eight European languages with our SDS translation services.

In order to create these high-standard Safety Data Sheets (SDS), we had to also follow the legal and technical regulations of each country. This was achieved thanks to our experience, understanding the markets and our strong team of linguists. This was also completed quickly, with the translations being ready in less than a week.

The Challenge

Alchemy Compliance wanted to help one of its clients market a solvent, cleaning agent (isopropanol) – which is also used in hand sanitised products – in eight markets across Europe.

However, for this type of product, it is a legal requirement to have a European Safety Data Sheet in the local language of each targeted market, prior to the product’s launch and eventual sale. A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is also a key health and safety document which, when well-written, helps instil confidence for both customers and suppliers in the product itself.

With all this, each SDS needed to be accurately translated into each of the eight languages. What’s more, each translation also needed to be something that followed the local language variations and the specific regulations of the targeted countries in which the product would be going to market.

What We Did

With our SDS translation services and an agile ISO 17100:2015-compliant approach, we managed to deliver the documents in under a week, all to a high standard.

To simplify the complexity of the language, we also implemented an ISO-compliant translation process for our client. This saw us utilise linguists who met the requirements of the ISO 17100:2015 standard in translation services. We then finished each translation with a compulsory revision phase for quality assurance.

To summarise, across these six phases of work, we delivered Safety Data Sheets that really work:

  1. Built a team of specialist ISO 17100:2015-compliant linguists.
  2. Implemented an end-to-end ISO-compliant translation process.
  3. Followed legal and technical terminologies defined by the EU and the target countries.
  4. Translated each SDS into eight European languages: Czech, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  5. Conducted a thorough revision phase for QA.
  6. Delivered 18k+ words in under seven days.

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What We Did

  • ISO-compliant translations
  • Translation QA