Delivering Translations in a Gallop

In this Ultimate Languages case study, we take a look at some of our work with boutique marketing and comms agency, The Consultancy Group, which showcases our specialist, urgent translation services.


One of our clients, The Consultancy Group – a boutique, international agency which offers bespoke marketing and comms to its array of sports and luxury clients – was looking to pilot a new translation partner to deliver high-quality localised content.

The specific content the Group wanted localised was a series of UK-English press releases for international horse riding and show jumping events. The Group also stressed the need for urgent translation services, as it required these releases to be turned around within 45-60 minutes of the original versions being published.

We successfully delivered the press releases within the requested timeframes and over a three-day period our team managed the localisation of more than 8,000 words. The finished content was also well-received by both the Group and their end-client.

The Challenge

As our client needed urgent translation services, time was the most challenging aspect of this project. We knew that the requirement to have different pieces of localised content delivered within 45- 60 minutes of the English copy being published, would place a huge demand on our team.

In addition to this, we also knew that the project would require working across multiple international time zones as well as during evenings and weekends. This would be to ensure that firstly the work would get completed and secondly that it would be published in a timely fashion for a relevant time zone.

Lastly, we needed to make sure our writers were skilled and trained within both this area of luxury content and with the translations.

What We Did

Due to the time-sensitivity and high turnover of content, the primary solution we implemented with our urgent translation services was a custom browser-based widget that we connected to our TMS.

The widget allowed for files to be quickly uploaded and sent directly to our team of selected, ISO 17100:2015-compliant freelancers, who we had pre-emptively briefed on the nature of these luxury events.

Our determined and agile approach meant we were able to meet these deadlines and ultimately delivered the requested translations in a timely fashion to the client.

To recap:

  • All files of the translated press releases were delivered within the allotted time.
  • Over a three-day period – including over evenings and weekends – 8,800 words translated into German.
  • Minimal changes were made to our copy.
  • Both the end-client and The Consultancy Group were very happy.
  • Additional language translation services were requested on the back of this hugely successful project.

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What We Did

  • Urgent translation delivery
  • Custom browser-based widget connected to our TMS
  • Agile approach