Ensuring Chemical Safety in Multiple Languages

In this Ultimate Languages case study, we explain how we provided our high-quality chemical translation services across seven languages and became a trusted partner of our client Pyramid Travel Products.


Pyramid Travel Products was looking for a translation partner that could deliver certified translation services in the chemical sector and would be able to manage important safety data sheets.

As our client also had to provide instructions and packaging in several languages across the globe using technical chemical terminology, regulatory compliance was of high importance here.

Utilising our linguists with the ISO 17100:2015 standard in translation services, we delivered these documents and established a successful long-term connection with our client.

The Challenge

Pyramid Travel Products produces a variety of products for travellers to keep insects and water-borne diseases at bay. Their portfolio includes insect repellents, bite treatments, and hygiene products like soaps and water treatment tablets. Complementary products include mosquito nets and emergency kits.

As such, Pyramid Travel Products needed an ISO-compliant translation partner with a great knowledge of the chemical sector who could guarantee a high-quality translation service, and ensure all safety regulations were met and accurate across multiple languages.

What We Did

To provide this high-quality chemical translation service, we implemented an ISO-compliant translation process for Pyramid, utilising linguists with the ISO 17100:2015 standard in translation services. We also ran a compulsory revision phase for additional quality assurance.

For our client’s important safety data sheets and other regulatory documents, we made sure our approved and expert linguists followed the official terminology defined by the European Union, as well as all the glossaries of the company-specific terminologies.

This then saw us rollout the following:

  • Translation of the documentation into seven European languages, with the potential for more.
  • Further translations for additional brands and product lines.
  • Additional feedback from in-country representatives that we used to then update the client’s translators and translation memories.
  • This established what is now a long-term connection.

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What We Did

  • ISO-compliant translations
  • Glossaries
  • Translation memories update