Implementing a Strategy for Terminology Management in Translation

Here we examine what we did for our client Marden Edwards, specifically how our consultancy services provided support and recommendations on the best terminology management tools for their needs.


Our client, Marden Edwards – a world leader in the design, manufacture, and assembly of overwrapping systems – was looking for a solution to manage their global terminology glossaries efficiently.

Managing terminologies is a fundamental part of ensuring a consistent communication is in place across all markets and languages, so we knew this would be a challenging process.

To support our client, we provided our consultancy services – specifically within terminology management in translation – to identify suitable tools for managing their multilingual bases, as well as guidance on how to maintain these terminology bases going forward.

This is something we helped them secure and at the same time we also created a tailored workflow which ensured lingual consistency across 150 markets.

The Challenge

The main challenges with Marden Edwards were twofold. The company had an existing terminology glossary that it needed to have updated and there was the need to help them understand what terminology management and workflows would best suit their translation needs.

However, on top of this, because 10,000 of their systems were first manufactured in their UK factory and then installed in over 150 countries worldwide, they also needed to ensure they could communicate across these markets in order for their rollouts to be successful.

Moreover, internally the team at Marden Edwards also had concerns with what the correct terminology would be in the different languages of their clients, how they could manage the sheer size of their glossaries, handling the conflicting internal views of what to do and resolving the lack of tools they had available to manage these terminologies effectively.

What We Did

We provided consultancy for Marden Edwards, specifically around how to identify suitable tools managing and maintaining their multilingual term bases. We also gave them additional guidance on the best processes for building and sustaining their terminology management once these tools had been utilised.

Using our connections with technology providers, we presented two potential tools for Marden Edwards to investigate – SDL Multiterm and Memsource’s in-built terminology suite. We also conducted an analysis of three of their existing glossaries and presented our findings on how these could be better managed and gave them a workflow for this that was tailored to their needs.

We even gave them a demonstration of Memsource, along with their own log-in details for the Marden Edwards team to use and trial the solution first.

It’s worth remembering here that terminology management can be a huge challenge for many global organisations, particularly those in the mechanical engineering and manufacturing sectors. However, with the approach we’ve explained in this case study it can be something that’s soon resolved and turned into a real opportunity for growth.

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