Managing Highly Specialised Translations Across Nine Languages: A Case Study

In this case study, find out how we, the Ultimate Languages team, utilised our skills within our technical document translation services, to deliver great results for our manufacturing sector client, Kaymich.


One of our clients, C.B. Kaymich & Co. Limited – a world-leading manufacturer of specialist adhesive application and fluid control solutions – was looking for a reliable translation partner for a project.

Kaymich needed to localise technical documentation such as manuals, as well as marketing brochures and landing pages for its website. They also stressed the importance of quality and consistency across all this content.

With our technical document translation services, we managed to put together a team of linguists and subject matter experts to successfully produce and deliver this technical and specialised content. This saw our team translate a range of different content across nine languages, and this ultimately also helped us to create a long-lasting partnership with our client.

The Challenge

With this project we recognised a number of challenges that we would need to overcome to successfully deliver what Kaymich wanted.

Not only would we need to ensure our team had the right knowledge for this sector and content, but we knew we would also need to call on our ISO-certified translation services. This was to add that additional hallmark of trust and expertise for our client in relation to the technical translation work our team would be carrying out for them.

There was also a need to cover a range of different types of content – covering the localisation of technical documentation such as manuals, as well as marketing brochures and key landing pages for the website. In addition to this, Kaymich stressed the importance of quality and consistency with its content, regardless of the end use or the user’s intent.

What We Did

Due to the specialist nature of Kaymich’s work it was vital that the right resources were assigned to this account.

We underwent a rigorous screening process to identify and select linguists and writers with the right technical skills, qualifications and expertise. Glossaries of key terminology were also created and approved by our client to ensure consistency with all the content our team worked on.

A summary of the process we undertook was:

  • A thorough selection process for these technical document translation services.
  • Translations of this documentation carried out across nine languages, all with the potential for more.
  • Positive feedback was received from in-country representatives.
  • Translation memories were also created and constantly updated throughout.
  • A long-term partnership was then established with Kaymich.
  • We now have ongoing maintenance of these global landing pages and technical documents.

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What We Did

  • Technical translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Glossaries and Terminology Management