Travel Technology Europe

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Key takeaways and highlights 2019 Last night I returned to Yorkshire with a head full of knowledge, a pocket full of business cards and sore feet in need of a hot bath! The last two days were spent amongst great company at the London Olympia as I attended Travel [...]

Tackling Technical Translations

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In 2017 seven of the UK’s top ten largest export commodities were from the manufacturing sector; goods manufactured in the UK and exported overseas. In total these seven commodities equated to around 361 billion pounds worth of business, which is an incredible amount of money! These commodities will all be [...]

What are CAT tools?

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Managing Professional Translation Projects As mentioned in our post on the Fundamentals of Translation, computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools are the industry-standard tools used by translation companies and translators across the globe. At the heart of any CAT tool – and there are a lot to choose from – is Translation [...]

The Fundamentals of Translation

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Whether you are completely new to the world of translation or not, this short guide will introduce you to the five fundamentals that form the foundation of our projects here at Ultimate Languages. 1. Professional translators The first thing to stress here is that not everyone who speaks another language [...]