Translation and localisation for learning and development

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People are a key asset for any organisation and investing in their professional development delivers incredible ROI. As companies grow and expand their reach overseas, so too does their international workforce. This is where translation and localisation come in. Here are our #ultimateinsights for localising learning and development content.

FITUR 2020

By |2020-01-29T10:32:56+00:00January 29th, 2020|blog|

FITUR is Spain's largest international tourism fair and this year saw the event celebrate its 40th anniversary. We were lucky enough to be there to experience FITUR for ourselves and share our key takeaways with you.

Localising user-generated content

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When it comes to making a purchase, more and more consumers are turning to the words of others in order to make a more informed buying decision. User-generated content, particularly reviews and ratings, can dramatically impact your global brand and revenue. Here are our tips on how to go about localising user-generated content for growth.

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