About Emily Nash

Although she has only been in the industry for six years, Emily has quickly adapted to the pace of the industry and her knowledge is striking. Originally entering the sector in tele-sales, after completing her postgraduate degree in linguistics, Emily has gained experience in business development, client relations and content marketing. She joins Ultimate Languages as growth manager, overseeing sales and marketing, and working closely with operations, to ensure that the overall growth strategy of the company is well-communicated and delivered. You will often find Emily at industry events and conferences.

Was sind CAT-Tools?

Von |2019-07-26T13:55:59+00:00Juni 11th, 2019|blog|

Wie in unserem Blog über die Grundlagen der Übersetzung erwähnt, handelt es sich bei CAT-Tools um Tools für die computerunterstützte Übersetzung, die den Branchenstandards entsprechen und von Übersetzungsagenturen und Übersetzern auf der ganzen Welt eingesetzt werden.