Export challenges for the packaging industry: PPMA Total Show survey

Whilst attending the 2019 PPMA Total Show in Birmingham, we asked exhibitors and attendees about the export challenges they face. Our quick survey highlighted five potential challenges for the processing and packaging industry, which we asked respondents to place on a scale.

The five potential challenges selected were: market entry, finding the right partners in-country, language and culture, limited time, resources and/or funding, and Brexit.

Before we jump straight into the results, the scale ranged from “not a challenge for our organisation” to “a real challenge for our organisation”. Respondents were also given the chance to suggest alternative challenges.

You can read our full write up of the event here.

The results

The list below is a summary of the “other challenges” that were submitted during the survey:

  • Difficulty finding reliable, committed partners
  • Logistics/distribution
  • Stricter local regulations

After evaluating the responses from the survey, as well as conversations from the event, there aren’t any real challenges for the respondents who are currently already exporting.

Time and resources were discussed as being an issue across the board, not specifically related to export, whilst Brexit was a bit of a tricky one for most respondents since the future of the UK’s relationship with the EU is still unknown.

One thing for sure is that there was an air of positivity amongst the exhibitors regarding the future of the UK processing and packaging industry, regardless of what happens on after the 31st October…

That being said, if you have questions about Brexit then the Department for International Trade is running a series of webinars to help UK businesses to get ready for Brexit.

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