Globalisation and the future of travel

Addressing the common challenges faced by the travel, tourism and hospitality sector

Despite poor growth for tour operators TUI and Thomas Cook in 2018, the global travel, tourism and hospitality sector is booming! Since Airbnb came along and disrupted the industry, more traditional hoteliers and those who had dominated the market for so long suddenly realised that they had to change.

This is one industry that has adopted innovative technology and a personalised customer experience quicker than any other, but with this comes challenges, particularly when it comes to localising content in other languages.

Our experience working with key players in the travel industry led us to produce an eBook to help marketing, content and localisation teams tackle common localisation pain points to strengthen their organisation’s overall globalisation strategy.

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In the meantime, please find a sample of the content below, including a summary of the contents.

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The travel, tourism and hospitality sector continues to grow year on year as transport links become more accessible and affordable; connecting travellers to more corners of the globe than ever before.

Tour operators, hotel chains, airlines and other operators in this competitive space need to connect with their potential customers on a personal level to get ahead of their competitors. It is therefore essential that organisations have a well thought out localisation strategy that truly speaks to travellers in their native language.

In this eBook, we look at three market trends which are shaping the travel, tourism and hospitality industry of the future. Following on from this we will look at some of the factors which are starting to make a mark on the industry and that should be considered for localisation. Finally, we will look at the findings of an interview that asked industry leaders;

“What localisation challenges do you face in your organisation?”

This publication is intended for marketing managers, communication experts and localisation professionals within small to medium-sized companies in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector. Our aim is to provide useful tips and insight for those early in their localisation journey or to inspire companies looking to innovate their existing processes.

  • eBook contents
  • Market trends
  • Technology and travel
  • Localisation challenges
  • Solutions
  • Localisation checklist
  • Glossary of terms


Whyte, P. (2019). TUI and Thomas Cook Face Up to Bleak 2019. [online] Skift. Available at: [Accessed 15 February 2019]

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