Desktop Publishing Services

When designing artwork files for marketing or other purposes, there is always a need to typeset files prior to publication. When content is localised, there is even more of a need to typeset as written content in other languages varies considerably. Differences include:

Word/sentence length

Direction of reading

Double-byte characters

Font styles

There are also other things to consider such as colour, images, icons, etcetera, which can be culturally sensitive.

It is in your interest to incorporate our desktop publishing service into your marketing translation projects as it takes all the burden away from you and/or your design agency. Because of the complexity of language, we employ specialist, multilingual typesetters to process the files before and after translation. This means that you receive fully localised content ready to print, resulting in faster time to market.

We will ask you to provide all the original artwork files used to create the source content. This includes any images, special fonts, links, etcetera. If there are any images containing translatable text, then we will propose a suitable solution to handle any un-editable files.


Should your company have brand guidelines relating to artwork and design then we would ask that you provide these as they will help our typesetters to deliver their best work, whilst reducing the number of queries.

Of course, if you would prefer to typeset the documents yourselves then we can outline this in your workflow, however, we would recommend that drafts are passed to us in order to complete a proofread with the original translator to ensure quality before publication.

If you’re unsure of whether desktop publishing is relevant to your marketing projects, then please read our blog about the subject here. If you would like to discuss your localisation needs with a member of our team then do not hesitate to get in touch.