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Digital services

When launching your products and services into multiple markets, the first step is localising your website. From there, to gain organic (non-paid) visibility in those markets, you need to optimise your website and social channels.

Our core digital services focus on providing localised optimisation for your content; using a combination of our localisation services and our international digital marketing strategists, we can support your global digital strategy implementation. New to global digital? Our team can help you create an international digital approach from scratch.

In our experience, the success of international campaigns relies on the following three fundamentals:

  1. Global digital marketing knowledge: strategy, channels, platforms, geo-targeting, and KPIs.
  2. Tight processes and establish workflows: briefing, setup, localisation and optimisation, QA, and implementation.
  3. Language and cultural expertise: combination of translators and international digital strategists.

Ultimate Languages’ digital offering covers; international SEO, content marketing, social media, and consultancy.

International SEO

Our international SEO offering is more than a localisation service. Our team can deliver the following:

  • SEO translation: using the translation workflows, we add a layer of SEO optimisation, so your content is search ready once translated.
  • On-page SEO: using keyword research and SEO best practices, our team provides targeted phrases for your website’s metadata.
  • Off-page SEO: after on-page optimisation, SEO visibility relies on high-quality outreach. Our digital strategists and our language experts pick authority websites to build links to your website.
  • Technical SEO consultancy: if you are launching an international approach, we can advise on website structure and domain strategy.

International content marketing

Our localisation expertise allows us to provide international content marketing that portrays your brand and tone of voice in multiple languages. Choose from…

  • International content strategy: we support you defining what content should be localised or created to engage with your target market, based on the consumer’s journey.
  • Multilingual copywriting: following our high-quality processes to recruit translators, we source native copywriters based on their industry knowledge and style.
  • Transcreation: a cost-efficient solution, transcreation combines using translated content and manual editing to make it more appealing to local audiences.
  • SEO-led content marketing: your content can also be optimised to rank for a variety of phrases according to your theme, topic, products and services.

International social media

As part of your digital strategy, you need to incorporate international social media that supports your engagement and community management on a global scale. We can help you with…

  • International social strategy: our team can help you roll out an existing strategy or create a new approach in multiple markets, including social media calendars and suggested assets.
  • Social posts localisation: our translators and digital strategists can provide social translation or create from scratch, following your guidelines and tone of voice.
  • Paid social ads localisation: we can help you localise your existing paid social campaigns by translating your ad copy in multiple languages.
  • Community engagement: managing timely communication without in-house native speakers can be challenging. Our solution can help you keep track of the interactions and be able to respond and engage in conversation.

Digital consultancy

If you’re not entirely sure where to start with international digital marketing, then our team can help you through our digital consultancy. Although the service will be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs, our strategists have consulted our clients on the following:

  • Overall strategy: guiding and advising you on the best approach to implementing digital marketing for your global audience.
  • Competitive analysis: helping you discover key digital insights from your competitors.
  • Campaign design: fully fledged digital campaign planning including SEO, content and social media.
  • Technical consultancy: technical SEO advice and guidance from strategy to planning and analytics.

If your team is ready to go global then do not hesitate to get in touch to arrange an initial discovery call with our experts.