Machine translation services

The advancements in machine translation technology are allowing companies to communicate with their customers, employees, and market their products in multiple languages at a reduced time and cost.

If you are considering Machine Translation for your business, we can help you.

Ultimate Languages’ expertise covers different MT approaches in a variety of industries. Machine Translation can be suitable for technical documentation, short descriptions, user-generated content, photo captions, internal communications, policies, processes, procedures, etc.

If your content is more creative or marketing like, get in touch to discuss if your project is suitable for MT. Would you like to know more about Machine Translation? Read our introduction to the subject here.

Our machine translation services include:

  • NMT – Neural Machine Translation
  • MTPE – Machine Translation Post Editing
  • LMTPE – Light Machine Translation Post Editing
  • FMTPE – Full Machine Translation Post Editing
  • MT consultancy – we advise you on which MT system is best suited for your needs (type of content, languages, and budget). Our expert team will recommend any integration with your current translation systems (CAT tools), CMS or TMS needed accessing the MT engines that are most appropriate for your project. Would you like to run a pilot? UL has organised tests for a variety of clients. Get in touch to discuss your needs.
  • Preparation for Machine translation – covering translation memories, style guides and glossaries per language to ensure the MT output is aligned with your products or services.

Machine Translation


MT Engines

We work with the top MT engines and languages supported by them (over 2000+ language pairs). Depending on your content and language needs one of these engines will be the right for you. The MT engines can be trained on your terminology, glossaries, and products.

Want to know if MT is for you? Contact us today.