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Translation Revision, Review & Proofreading

As part of all our translation solutions, we recommend the inclusion of at least one additional layer of quality assurance on top of the checks conducted by the translator and project manager. There are a variety of services that can be incorporated into your tailored translation workflow:

Revision is a careful comparison of the translated text against the original source to ensure that the message and tone of voice have been effectively communicated in the target language. This is completed by a second linguist who feeds back to the translator who will implement the suggested changes prior to delivery.

The Review service sees a subject matter expert, and a native speaker of the target language, reading the translated material as a standalone piece of text to ensure that it is appropriate for the target audience, without having to refer to the original. Again, feedback is provided to the original translator for implementation and delivery.

Proofreading, in the translation and localisation space, is a final quality assurance check that focuses on document layout and the general cosmetic attributes of documentation intended for print and/or digital distribution. This typically applies to projects which include desktop publishing and other design elements

Should you prefer to involve your in-country teams in the translation process to conduct these checks on your behalf, then we also offer a Client validator liaison service whereby we can communicate directly with your teams so that you do not have to act as the middleman.

Please note that for ISO compliant projects (17100:2015 Translation services), the revision step must be completed in addition to translation otherwise it cannot be considered as a certified project.

To find out more about the intricacies of these processes please read our blog post here, and if you have any questions which haven’t been answered please do not hesitate to reach out to the Ultimate team.