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If you're new to translation and require guidance or if you're looking to replace your current Computer-Assisted Translation tool, we've got you covered. As technology-independent consultants, we assist you in choosing the perfect tool to meet your specific requirements.

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CAT Tools Consultancy and Solutions

Despite being often referred to as ‘CAT tools for translation’, these tools don’t directly do any translation work, they still require a translation expert for users to make the most of them. However, they can be very useful and advantageous for businesses who have them, providing they are being used by those with the right expertise. This is where our CAT tools consultancy and solutions can help.

What are CAT tools (for translation)?

CAT – or ‘Computer-Assisted Translation’ tools – are software programs that can be used to support a translation process. They have been around for a while now and come in varying packages and levels of sophistication.

Today they are often considered to be an essential part of translation, especially for commercial purposes, as if used correctly they can increase efficiency with the translation of a variety of content. Typically, they involve an interface which allows the user to input a source language that the software then segments into sentences or words for the translator to then translate.

These translations then get saved in the software’s ‘translation memory’ to produce something similar to a glossary of terms, which can then be used at a later stage. Depending on the functionality of the software, the CAT tool will then revert the content back to its original order for both the source language and the newly translated language.

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CAT Tools in focus

As translation experts, and via our specific CAT tools consultancy solutions, we can support your business or company in a variety of ways if you wish to use this smart software. Just a few examples include:

  • Full-scale rollout and continued use of your chosen CAT tools.
  • Training and information about how to use these tools.
  • Support with the actual translation and development of your translation memories.
  • Guidance on how and why your business should use CAT tools.

These tools can be particularly useful for businesses looking to branch out into new international markets as part of your localisation process, as you can produce more content in multiple languages in a much timelier fashion. In addition, the more you use them, the bigger your translation glossary can become, making future translations even quicker and more productive.

With our support, you’ll be able to quickly make the most of your chosen CAT tools for translation and will soon start to enjoy the benefits they can bring. Learn more about these tools or enquire about how we can help you use them.

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Using CAT tools can require specialist knowledge and expertise

You need a solid level of translation expertise to make the most of CAT tools. Contact us today to learn how our team can help you with this software.

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Don’t be fooled into thinking CAT tools can directly translate your content

CAT tools don’t translate your content. They leverage your existing translation memories. Learn how to successfully use them and save money. Speak to our team today to find out more.

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CAT tools can make your translation processes much more productive

With the right support, your business can benefit from more efficient translation processes through using CAT tools. Find out how we can help you with this by getting in touch.

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Not all CAT tools are created equal, some are better than others

Looking to use CAT tools to support your business’s translation processes? Get the right fit for your company with our expert support and guidance.

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