Machine Translation

Our experts provide machine translation consultancy to help your business efficiently and successfully translate your content through appropriate technologies.

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Machine Translation

If you’re localising the content on your website, using machine translation can be an effective means of speeding up the process and reducing your production costs. But, it can require specialist knowledge and experience to both choose and operate the technologies involved. This is where our expertise and our machine translation consultancy services can help.

What is machine translation?

You may have seen ‘machine translation’ being referred to as ‘MT’ and it’s essentially a form of computer software – also often called an ‘MT engine’ – that can be used to translate your content. These ‘engines’ tend to fall into two categories, ‘custom’ and ‘generic’, the former being one that can be adapted to better suit the language of your niche or sector and the latter being standard universal translators, such as Google Translate.

While they can be useful and can translate words and phrases within seconds, the issue is that these engines don’t understand subtext, subtle variations and phrasing that can come from different dialects and languages. As such, they’re better for short and instructional content rather than large volumes of it or longer and emotive copy.

Our MT consultancy services

With our MT consultancy services we can assist you in a variety of ways. We can help you determine which machine translation option or engine would be best for your content and thanks to our skills within translation we can review, edit and provide quality assurance that your final content is accurate.

Our teams have local knowledge of many global languages and will be able to make sure the content you produce for your international audiences will both make sense and effectively express the messaging you want to get across. We can also be flexible to your preferences and have as much or as little involvement in your processes as and when you require support.

If you want to learn more about our MT consultancy services or about machine translation itself, contact us today. We’ll be happy to advise and point you in the right direction for successful translation.

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We can help you choose the right machine translation engine

Whether it’s a generic or custom machine translation engine, we can assess the situation and help your business choose the right option. 

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We can provide quality assurance on your machine translation

Most machine translation engines are only useful for translating short sections of content, we can review and edit this to make it accurate and impactful for your target audiences. 

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Machine translation engines don’t understand language variation, but we do

Our experts can review and localise your machine translated content to better suit the needs of your chosen international audiences. Find out more about this today.

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We can give your machine translated content a human touch

Enquire today about our MT consultancy services as we can review and improve your machine translated content to make sure it’s correct and localised for your audience.

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We speak your language

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