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Our digital experts can support your paid efforts by providing localised content and keywords that resonate with your international audiences. We work in all search engines and social media platforms.

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 International Paid Media Marketing & PPC

Are you ready to grow your business on a global scale? If you’re having trouble reaching your audience, building brand reputation or securing sales overseas, then paid media marketing could help. Our international paid media experts use the latest techniques,

What is paid media and pay per click (PPC)?

Paid media is a marketing strategy that promotes your services or products to a target demographic. It involves buying an ad space to showcase your brand with the aim of increasing traffic, sales and conversion rates with each click. The most popular channels are search engine (SERP), shopping, display, social and travel ads.

International paid media is this exact same process but on a global scale. Our specialists design bespoke strategies that target your new audience, including international pay per click (PPC) ads that push your products and boost brand awareness on a localised and global level.

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Our international paid media services

From campaign creation to competitive analysis, our international pay-per-click services include:

  • PPC campaign creation: whether from scratch, translated or transcreated, we utilise keyword research and pay-per-click performance data to create a successful campaign.
  • Ad copy and landing page localisation: our linguistic and digital team adapts your original copy to ensure the localised version sounds natural and performs in a specific market.
  • Ad creation: from search engines and shopping ads to Amazon and social media, our team can translate or create original copy incorporating cultural nuances, images and video.
  • Advertorials: we create or localise engaging content to support multiple channels.
  • Search query analysis: for multilingual campaigns, we can help you localise your search queries to optimise for key areas and demographics.
  • Paid competitive analysis: our team can run competitive analysis on indirect and direct competitors in any market or language.

Benefits of working with Ultimate Languages

Allow our digital strategists and linguists to help you with your campaign creation so that you can run successful multilingual paid media campaigns. If you need us to audit your campaign from the linguistic and search point of view, we can help. We can help you to understand your audience, build credibility and improve customer retention. If you need help managing your campaigns, contact us.

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Explore different search engines

Our strategies aim to open up new demographics, expand your reach and build your online presence. Outside of Google, search engines like Baidu and Naver can help you achieve visibility in China and South Korea. Enquire today to see how our experts can help you. 

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Use the power of social media for paid campaigns

If your new demographic can’t see your products, your business will lose out on potential customers. Speak to our experts to discover how to use platforms like Facebook, Instagram or TikTok in multiple languages to drive traffic. Want to explore social networks in other countries like China and Japan? Contact us today.

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Support for display, video and banner campaigns

We offer localisation or creation of display ads, including banner and video ads. Get in touch to learn how our team can make languages work for you.

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Localisation is key to a successful international paid media campaign

Understanding cultural nuances can help to strengthen brand credibility, boost conversions and build a strong social media presence. Contact us today to find out how our local experts can help your business.

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We speak your language

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