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No matter the task, there’s always a drive to do it quicker and more efficiently, especially with digital content where hundreds of thousands of words are communicated and shared every minute. Our team’s goal is to offer effective connectivity and automation processes to streamline your translation projects.

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Connectivity and Automation for Translation

Our team can advise on a translation automation approach, supporting your business to deliver your content in multiple languages, specifically through connecting suitable technologies into your localisation workflow.

This automation can ultimately help speed up your content delivery allowing you to access new global markets and audiences much quicker.

Through a combination of APIs, plug-ins and connectors we can transfer data directly into the localisation process. We have carefully selected our technology partners, who allow us to deliver custom solutions for all budgets.

We are also closely following the progress of the Translation API Cases and Classes (TAPICC) initiative supported by the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA). The initiative aims to deliver an open-source metadata and API framework that can be used to improve integration, automation and interoperability within our industry.

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Connectivity and Automation Consulting

As translation automation specialists, our consultants can advise on and provide connectivity between suitable translation management systems (TMS) and the following:

Why choose Ultimate Languages?

Alongside our expertise in this often-complex area, there are many other benefits to enjoy if you choose our connectivity and automation consulting services.

  • We have carefully selected our technology partners, who allow us to deliver custom solutions for all budgets.
  • Our team will liaise with you to complete a detailed project specification that all parties will agree to before devising a project plan to track the implementation and testing of your solution.
  • We follow a value proposition where we will always aim to bring global businesses closer to their customers in their respective native languages by simplifying any complicated translation solutions.

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Save time with translation automation

With the guidance of our connectivity and automation consultants, we can quickly get your content in front of your global audiences. Find out how today.

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A tailored plan for your translation automation process

To make sure your digital content is communicated effectively, our consultants will always formulate the right approach for your business before we start any implementation. Learn more about this here.
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We can make complex translation automation simple and easy to understand

Thanks to the expertise of our consultants, we can make even the most complex connectivity and automation processes with your global content easy for your business. Find out more.

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As translation automation specialists, we advise on the best technologies for your business

We work with a wealth of different translation management systems (TMS) and can seamlessly integrate these with your existing CMS and any new technologies you may want to utilise. Find out more about this here.

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