Revision, Review and Proofreading

For all our translation solutions, we strongly advise adding an extra layer of quality assurance beyond the linguists and project manager checks. Various services can be integrated into your customised translation workflow.

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Translation Quality Assurance

We help our clients convert words into meaningful communications. As part of all our translation solutions, we, at Ultimate Languages, recommend a translation quality assurance workflow that includes multiple checks of the content in the form of translation, revision, review, and proofreading. We believe in the power of words to connect so we aim to provide a tailored strategy that guarantees the best translation quality assurance.

For ISO compliant projects (17100:2015 Translation services), the revision step must be completed in addition to translation otherwise it cannot be considered as a certified project.

As an ISO 17100-certified company, we will translate and revise projects compliant with this international standard to ensure the highest level of quality.

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Translation Quality Assurance Process

Our expert team of native linguists and translators follows the official International Standard for Translation Services documentation, ISO17100. All steps are necessary so as to guarantee the optimum translation and localisation of your projects so as to create words that resonate and connect your business with your demographic.

  • Revision is a careful comparison of the translated text by a second linguist who feeds back to the translator, against the original source to ensure that the message and tone of voice have been effectively communicated in the target language.
  • The Review service sees a subject matter expert, and a native speaker of the target language, reading the translated material as a standalone piece of text to ensure a seamless and accessible experience.
  • Proofreading is a final quality assurance check that focuses on document layout and the general cosmetic attributes of documentation intended for print and/or digital distribution.
  • Should you prefer to involve your in-country teams in the translation process to conduct these checks on your behalf, we offer a Client validator liaison service. This service will ensure we communicate directly with your teams to make our collaboration hassle-free while ensuring the highest quality.

Utilising your in-house resources

At Ultimate Languages, we are experts at working with our client’s in-country teams as part of their translation workflow.
To create words that work in the target language, it is vital that all colleagues involved in the review process are native speakers and have ample time to dedicate to this task to their best ability.

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Stand out with a bespoke revision

The revision stage of the translation workflow allows for the second check of the original source content and the translated version by a second linguist. We ensure that words are transformed and localised correctly and efficiently.

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Ensure quality assurance with a review

The review stage is a monolingual check by a third linguist of the translated version as a standalone piece of text in the target language to make sure that your project’s accuracy is evident when published in the global market.

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Guarantee the best outcome for the global market

The proofreading stage is the final quality assurance check of the layout of the content in the target language, thus offering, ultimately, four checks of your content by our team of experts.

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