Subtitling and Voiceover

Our expert team can support your localisation efforts for video assets. Reach your global audience in their native language.

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Subtitling & Voiceover Services

Do you want your business to venture successfully within the global market?

Our audiovisual translation services will ensure the localisation of your project so that it resonates with your target audience, subsequently providing your business with a strong, competitive edge.

Difference between Subtitling and Voiceover

Subtitling is translating one video language into another through written text subtitles.

Voiceovers are audio tracks that are created by applying voice actors or artists and then synced with the content of the video.

Our team are here to devise the most suitable audiovisual translation solution for your content, audience and budget. We are familiar with the most popular platforms and formats in the industry.

Benefits of Subtitling and Voiceover


  • Subtitling documents is the most cost-efficient and is also the easiest to produce. It comes as a separate file that needs to be either uploaded to a hosting platform or activated alongside the video in a desktop media player
  • Burnt-in subtitles are embedded within the video file and always remain seen, unlike subtitle documents. Each language is delivered as a separate video file


  • Particularly effective for eLearning and other training videos, as narration sees the onscreen footage described in the target language voiceover
  • Useful for news broadcasts and interviews, in the form of UN-style voiceover; in this case, the original audio is still audible but at a much lower volume than the localised version
  • Beneficial in territories where dubbing is the norm, such as Spain, Germany and France. In this case, this might be the best option to showcase your business

Why choose Ultimate Languages?

We employ transcriptionists, subtitlers and voiceover artists who all work in their native languages. We also make use of cutting-edge subtitling software to deliver results quicker and more cost-effectively.

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Take advantage of our tailored audiovisual localisation services

Whether you provide us with the original script used or trust us with writing it from scratch, speak to our team to see what solution works best for your business.

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Ensure a technically-sound and professional result

You can rest assured that your transcript will be time-coded for the text or audio to synchronise with the onscreen footage.

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Streamline the audiovisual localisation process

Our team aims to simplify the complexity of the footage and transform words so that they bring the end result within the time required.
We are only a quick email away to discuss the most suitable audiovisual translation solution for your content, audience and budget.

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