Machine Translation Post-Editing

Benefit from the speed of machine translation and the human touch of native-speaking linguists.

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Enhancing machine translation with human touch

With the post-editing services from Ultimate Languages, you benefit from the speed of machine translation and the precision of native-speaking linguists. Our linguists use their knowledge of your brand, audience and regional dialect to edit your machine-translated content, ensuring that it caters to cultural nuances.

Enquire today to discover how your website could benefit from the skills of our native linguists.

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What is machine translation?

Often written in its abbreviated form, MT, machine translation is a field of linguistics that uses computer software to translate content. It’s popularity stems from its efficiency, as the latest tools have the power to complete translations in seconds. However, as it’s a machine-powered process, machine translation doesn’t have the ability to understand subtext.

For this reason, MT can be effective for short phrases or instructional content, but tone of voice, and emotional or expressive writing requires additional editing – and this is where post-editing comes in.

What is post-editing?

Essentially, post-editing adds two things: quality control and a meaningful, human element. To compare machine translation and post-editing is like comparing Google translate with a native-speaker; a machine will translate the content into another language but a skilled linguist will transform the content into something impactful.

  • Post-editing: revise and correct machine translation output.
  • Full post-editing: process of post-editing to obtain a product comparable to a product obtained by human translation. For example, product descriptions, or manuals.
  • Light post-editing: process of post-editing to obtain a merely comprehensible text without any attempt to produce a product comparable to a product obtained by human translation. Any document required for understanding purposes only.

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We can provide clear, understandable content filled with meaning

Alongside machine translation, our post-editing services ensure that your content maintains its subtext, meaning and impact. Contact our team today to discover more.

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Your content should be consistent and reflect your brand’s image

No two brands are the same and our translation services combined with machine translation will help you to create a consistent tone of voice and brand image across multiple territories. Speak to our experts today to discuss this in more detail.

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Our linguists are experts in their native language and culture

References, words and phrases can mean very different things in different locations. That’s why our linguists are native speakers and immersed in local culture. If you’d like to find out more, speak to our team today.

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Speed and precision

The effectiveness of machine translation depends on how each engine is trained. However, not all languages are suitable for machine translation. Speak to our experts to assess if machine translation is an option for your language projects.

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We speak your language

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