Chemical Translation Services for Chemical Industry + Regulatory Affairs

ISO 17100:2015 Certified Translations Solutions

At Ultimate Languages we have over 30 years’ experience combined in the Chemical Sector including Basic, Specialty, Agrochemical and Personal Care Chemicals sub-sectors.

Whether you are a company in charge of producing chemicals or you are part of the supply chain providing equipment, services, and sub-products, we can help. We offer chemical translation services for global clients based in UK, US, and the EU.

Our ISO 17100:2015 certified technical services for the chemical sector include:

  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Product Labelling
  • Product Packaging
  • Technical Manuals
  • Scientific Papers

We offer 100+ languages via our specialist linguists who have local knowledge of technical nuances and standards for your industry.

Regulatory Compliance Translation

REACH, Brexit and making business around the world will require accurate and specialist localisation. At Ultimate Languages we work with internal Heads of Regulatory Compliance and Consulting Firms providing

  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Product Notifications
  • Product Registrations
  • Legal Documents
  • Patents

Using Software for your Safety Data Sheets?

If you are a large corporation working with a software solution for safety data sheets, we can also support you with software localisation.

Marketing Translation for the Chemical Sector

Do you need help with your internal and external communications? We have experience localising

  • Marketing Presentations
  • Brochures
  • Video – dubbing, subtitling and AD
  • Website Content
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Corporate/Brand Communications
  • Training Material

Is your company moving to Industry 4.0?

All industries are in the process of re-evaluating the way they do business. The Chemical Industry is no exception. With COVID-19, companies are expected to conduct business through digital channels, which include websites, intranets, and social media. If your plan includes becoming available for more markets and languages, we can provide multilingual support. Learn more about our digital marketing services.

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Meet The Team

Who We Are

Isabella Ballanti

Managing Director

Isabella has a degree in Interpreting and Translating. She furthered her education in the UK, obtaining a BA in Politics and an MA in European Studies from Kent University. She started her first translation agency after a prosperous career as a freelance translator. After selling the business, she launched Ultimate Languages with trusted colleagues, ensuring exceptional service. Isabella actively contributes to clients' localisation strategies, offering valuable insights to help them succeed.

Isabella Ballanti

Ana Leckenby

Head of Digital

Ana boasts extensive experience in marketing communications and digital marketing. Holding a BSc in Marketing Communications and an MBA, she has managed prestigious clients such as Sony, Cuervo, IBM, Cisco, and Dell-EMC in PR and advertising agencies. She has also worked with renowned companies like General Motors and Cadbury Beverages. Ana has played a pivotal role in diverse global digital marketing initiatives encompassing SEO, Paid, Social, Digital PR, and Content Marketing for notable brands like Xerox, SAP,, and others.

Enifa Lika

Head of Operations

Enifa is an experienced Translation Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the translation and localisation industry. Skilled in Translation, Website Localization, Languages, Teamwork, and Microsoft Excel. Strong program and project management professional with a Master's Degree in Multilingual Information Management from The University of Sheffield. As Head of Operations, her problem-solving approach to project management has enabled her to develop close relationships with clients by trying to find the most cost-effective and efficient approaches possible. She is responsible for finding and implementing training that will benefit the overall project management team.

Yolanda Suarez

Head of Customer Success

Passionate about languages with a background in Translating and Interpreting, Yolanda holds an MA in Multimedia Translation. In her years in the industry, she has developed a successful track record of driving forward multilingual localisation projects. She is a Communication, Multimedia Translation, and Project Management PhD student. As Head of Customer Success, Yolanda is very proactive, highly organised and always looks after the clients to deliver consistent quality work. Her skillset encompasses customer service, business development, and technology.