eCommerce Translation

A strategy for global customers

Organisations in the retail and eCommerce sector have a lot of things to consider when it comes to globalisation. From localising webpages to taking transactions to handling international logistics, it is important to devise a strategy that covers the entirety of the sales cycle for your global customers.

In our experience, there are two main objectives behind eCommerce websites: brand awareness and online sales.

Ultimate Languages can help companies to achieve these objectives through the development of a localisation strategy that caters to the needs of online consumers. Aspects of strategies we have collaborated on with our eCommerce clients include:

  • Implementation of translation management systems
  • Connectivity between content management systems and translation workflow
  • Real-time translation of product descriptions
  • Content re-use and/or machine translation
  • Creation of localised brand, style and tone of voice guidelines
  • Legal translation of terms and conditions

Our combined experience working with eCommerce clients has allowed our team to develop knowledge of the buying habits of many different nationalities and cultures and can share their input to complement your overall strategy and goals.

We understand the need for continuous delivery via agile translation processes for our clients to stay ahead of the competition. This relies on several factors including the right technology, a team of resources, and service level agreements.

The final step of all our online shop translation projects is to conduct an online QA which replicates the customer journey from the moment they find your site to making their first purchase. Our local experts can advise on the necessary changes that will allow you to reach more customers overseas, whilst retaining your brand integrity.

To read more about localising web content then head over to our blog, where you can find “The Ultimate Website Translation Checklist”.

Alongside product pages and other web-based assets, we can also help eCommerce companies to localise mobile applications, email marketing campaigns, and offline content such as printed editorials, press releases, catalogues, etcetera. No matter what your needs we can support your organisation to increase your global footprint, so do not hesitate to contact the Ultimate Languages team.

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