Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering

We are experts on technical translation projects

In the highly specialised world of manufacturing and mechanical engineering a lot of time, effort and quality assurance are dedicated to the creation of documentation such as O&M manuals, technical drawings, safety data sheets, patents, audits, reports, packaging, CLP labels etcetera. The same should apply when it comes to localising this content.

Through our experience handling technical translation projects, our team has gained a great understanding of the potential localisation problems that are faced in the manufacturing and mechanical engineering sectors.

Challenges we have helped our clients overcome in this field include:

  • Terminology management
  • Content re-use
  • Validator liaison
  • Handling of regulatory information
  • Patent translation
  • Product information management in multiple languages

We recognise the importance of accuracy for the manufacturing and mechanical engineering industries, as a single mistaken word or phrase could result in a machine, part or system to be used or installed incorrectly. When the safety of the public is at risk it is extremely important that the right resources are assigned to an engineering project, the right terminology is applied, regulatory information conforms to EU/international standards, and a thorough quality assurance process is put in place.Through the implementation of ISO 17100:2015 processes, our translation projects deliver quality of the highest standard and are highly recommended for our mechanical engineering clients and others who also localise technical content.

For more advice and guidance on localisation for the mechanical engineering sector read our blog post; “Tackling technical translations”.

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Meet The Team

Who We Are

Isabella Ballanti

Managing Director

Isabella has a degree in Interpreting and Translating. She furthered her education in the UK, obtaining a BA in Politics and an MA in European Studies from Kent University. She started her first translation agency after a prosperous career as a freelance translator. After selling the business, she launched Ultimate Languages with trusted colleagues, ensuring exceptional service. Isabella actively contributes to clients' localisation strategies, offering valuable insights to help them succeed.

Isabella Ballanti

Ana Leckenby

Head of Digital

Ana boasts extensive experience in marketing communications and digital marketing. Holding a BSc in Marketing Communications and an MBA, she has managed prestigious clients such as Sony, Cuervo, IBM, Cisco, and Dell-EMC in PR and advertising agencies. She has also worked with renowned companies like General Motors and Cadbury Beverages. Ana has played a pivotal role in diverse global digital marketing initiatives encompassing SEO, Paid, Social, Digital PR, and Content Marketing for notable brands like Xerox, SAP,, and others.

Enifa Lika

Head of Operations

Enifa is an experienced Translation Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the translation and localisation industry. Skilled in Translation, Website Localization, Languages, Teamwork, and Microsoft Excel. Strong program and project management professional with a Master's Degree in Multilingual Information Management from The University of Sheffield. As Head of Operations, her problem-solving approach to project management has enabled her to develop close relationships with clients by trying to find the most cost-effective and efficient approaches possible. She is responsible for finding and implementing training that will benefit the overall project management team.

Yolanda Suarez

Head of Customer Success

Passionate about languages with a background in Translating and Interpreting, Yolanda holds an MA in Multimedia Translation. In her years in the industry, she has developed a successful track record of driving forward multilingual localisation projects. She is a Communication, Multimedia Translation, and Project Management PhD student. As Head of Customer Success, Yolanda is very proactive, highly organised and always looks after the clients to deliver consistent quality work. Her skillset encompasses customer service, business development, and technology.